Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge maintenance work, May 3-30

For several weeks starting May 3, 2018, crews will be installing an additional support system for Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge.

The existing support system was built in 1912. Though there are no signs of deterioration, after 106 years of service we thought it was time to provide some extra support.

Occasional closures will be required. 

Upcoming closures

Thursday, May 17 and Friday, May 18 — Bridge closed

The suspension bridge will be closed on May 17 and 18. If you visit Lynn Canyon park, you will need to cross Lynn Creek at Twin Falls bridge.

Expected work schedule

Date Activity
May 3-4 Set up on site
May 7-29 Install new rock anchors, concrete work, and cables
May 30 Dismantle work site

Taker a closer look at the work

This illustration shows how the new rock anchors and suspension cables will be installed.

Illustration showing upgrades to the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge