Goal: Support a sustainable and service-oriented organization

Fostering organizational resilience is a key initiative of this Council. Council members identified these key outcomes of their term:  adapting the long-term financial plan to act on Council’s priority directions and determining how District land and revenues will be used to promote greater affordability.

Our priority areas and supporting objectives

To ensure that our staff are equipped with the tools and skills to deliver the highest level of public service, and are supported by a healthy and dynamic organization, the Corporate Plan includes objectives to: ensure equitable long range funding models, plan for a changing workforce, understand changing community and organizational needs, and to develop responsive and meaningful communications and engagement approaches.

Priority: Ensure strong technical and administrative foundations for continued service excellence

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Implement the Digital Strategy to improve online services, information and public engagement Corporate Services  
Increase data collection in a wide variety of areas in order to be more responsive and make data-based service decisions Corporate Services  
Enhance existing financial systems with analytic software and automated processes Financial Services  
Complete conversion to new registration and scheduling technology Recreation and Culture  
Review and update delivery of solid waste services Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Leverage technology to improve Streets' service levels, asset management, and public safety Engineering, Parks, and Facilities      
Achieve a sustainable financial foundation and robust operations for North Vancouver Museum and Archives Museum and Archives Ongoing

Priority: Continually enhance community engagement

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Complete a robust representative survey to update our baseline understanding of community issues and service needs Corporate Services      
Adjust practices to better support storytelling Corporate Services    
Improve communication, notification and consultation practices regarding development processes Planning, Properties, and Permits
Corporate Services
Improve document and records management Corporate Services    

Priority: Foster an engaged and nimble public service

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Update Human Resources plans that support corporate values, address training, development and succession planning Corporate Services      
Develop robust practices for employee engagement and internal communications Corporate Services Ongoing

Priority: Provide strong governance

Supporting objectives Lead 2019 2020 2021 2022
Work with Council to update Council policies and procedures Corporate Services      
Complete the long-term financial plan with a 10-20 year horizon to balance service delivery needs and affordability Financial Services    
Complete the targeted review of the Official Community Plan and implement the required changes Planning, Properties, and Permits   Ongoing
Develop and implement a library strategic plan for 2020-2023 Library Services   Ongoing
Identify possible improvements to the planning, operating and governance processes for recreation, arts, culture and parks Recreation and Culture Ongoing
Develop a NVMA Strategic Plan and Work Plan Museum and Archives Ongoing

COVID IMPACT: The Corporate Plan was composed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic and its subsequent and ongoing impacts on the organization and our community. While we continue to strive to achieve the goals and objectives stated throughout, we also understand that adjustments are probable given the changing circumstances in which we publish this plan.