Edgemont Village

The Edgemont Village Centre refresh is an opportunity to highlight the Village’s distinct identity, enhance its commercial core, and improve the surrounding public space.

By preserving Edgemont’s low-rise character, encouraging diverse housing options, supporting one-of-a-kind retail stores and businesses, and improving pedestrian and cyclist access, we hope to strengthen and celebrate this vibrant community.

The Village Centre refresh in detail

Read the Edgemont Village Centre Plan and Design Guidelines

Traffic and access

Construction projects that impact traffic

We have created a map that shows major construction projects in the area, and notes the impact they may have on local traffic. The map is updated weekly with the newest traffic information.

View the map of projects that are impacting traffic

News and highlights


May 4, 2017 — Public information meeting for 1031-1045 Ridgewood Dr

The applicant is hosting a public information meeting, which is a requirement of the development process. This is your opportunity to learn more about the proposal, speak with the developer, ask questions, and share your views.

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November 22, 2016 — Public hearing for 3105-3115 Crescentview Dr

This application was presented at a public hearing.

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November 21, 2016 — Preliminary application for 3695 Bluebonnet Rd withdrawn

The applicant for a 16-unit building at this address has withdrawn the application. 

View the application details

October 24, 2016 — Presentation to Council for 3105-3115 Crescentview Dr

The application to rezone 3105-3115 Crescentview Drive to develop 22 apartments was presented to Council, who voted to give it first reading, and refer it to a public hearing.

View the application details

August 31, 2016 — Preliminary application for 3288 Brookridge Drive / 1135-1147 Ridgewood Drive

We have received a preliminary development application to build 12 three-storey townhomes. Staff are currently reviewing the application.

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August 31, 2016 — Preliminary application for 1031-1045 Ridgewood Drive

We have received a preliminary development application to build 26 three-level townhomes on this property. Staff are currently reviewing it. 

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June 27, 2016 — Development permit issued for 1103 Ridgewood

Council voted to adopt the new bylaw and issue a development permit for the development located at 1103 Ridgewood Drive.

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December 7, 2015 — Rezoning bylaw adopted and development permit issued for 3260 Edgemont Boulevard (Grosvenor)

At the regular meeting, Council adopted the rezoning bylaw (Bylaw 8122) and the accompanying housing agreement bylaw (Bylaw 8213), and voted to issue the final development permit. 

November 26, 2015 — Public information meeting for 3105-3115 Crescentview Drive

We have received a detailed application to rezone this property in order to develop a three-storey building with 25 units, plus a detached single-family home. Come to a public meeting to learn more.

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November 5, 2015 — Public information meeting for 1103 Ridgewood Drive

Boffo Properties Inc. held a public information meeting, which we required as part of the application process, to provide more information about the project and gather residents' input.

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July 6, 2015 — Council to consider second and third readings of bylaws for 3260 Edgemont Boulevard (Grosvenor)

The rezoning bylaw (Bylaw 8122) and the accompanying housing agreement bylaw (Bylaw 8123) are scheduled to be considered by Council for second and third reading on July 6, 2015.

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April 7, 2014 — Edgemont Village Centre Plan and Design Guidelines approved

Council reviewed the Centre Plan and Design Guidelines for Edgemont Village presented by staff, and unanimously approved them.

Village Centre overview

Main goals of the plan

To maintain and enhance the unique street pattern and streetscapes, the low-rise scale and eclectic diversity of buildings and small-scale stores, the sense of neighbourliness and community, and the village's walkability and pedestrian-friendly character.

Land use

Maintain low-rise built form character and scale, and encourage a diverse mix of local, small scale, and one-of-a-kind retails stores and businesses.

Housing choice

Sensitively introduce ground-oriented duplexes and townhouses within the identified peripheral area to offer a broader range of housing options.

Transportation network

Advance transportation strategies to improve opportunities for walking and safe routes to school, cycling, transit, traffic management, circulation, and parking. 

Economic vitality

Maintain the rhythm of small storefronts that contribute to the strong sense of place and identity of the village, and maintain the boundaries of the existing commercial core to strengthen economic vitality.

Community facilities, services, and amenities

Guide public realm and network improvements to facilitate safe public access, and to provide inviting public spaces.

Park and open spaces

Recognize and enhance Highland and Edgemont Boulevards as the "village heart" with an enhanced Highland Plaza to promote social interaction, gathering, and space for community events.

Environmental sustainability

Support more environmentally friendly buildings and landscapes, and promote green building and water conservation practices. 

Development applications being considered

Applications currently being considered

There are a number of development applications in process for Edgemont Village and the surrounding neighbourhoods of Upper Capilano.

You can find out more about each of these applications, including development details, renderings, site map, and application status, as well opportunities to share your views.

View Edgemont Village applications

Documents: Policies, reports, public input

Development guidelines and policies

Plans and studies

Public input

The Design Guidelines and Plan for Edgemont Village was developed with opportunities for community engagement at all key stages of the planning process. 

January/February 2014 — Community workshops to inform final revisions to the draft plan policies and design guidelines. Around 175 people attended the 3 events, with around 90 submitted feedback forms.

November 2013 — Series of Open Houses on the draft plan policies and design guidelines. Around 110 people attended and 163 completed feedback surveys were received.

June 2013 — Series of ‘Directions Forum’ events to gather input on the Village Refresh ‘Foundation Report’ including draft planning and design principles. Approximately 180 participated. 

February 2013 — Series of opening ‘Ideas Forum’ events for the village design guidelines and plan refresh. Over 250 residents participated.