Lions Gate Village

Lions Gate Village will be a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented neighbourhood, with local-serving businesses, jobs, a community recreation centre, and a mix of housing options for residents at every stage of life.

This centre serves as a gateway into the District, thanks to its unique location at the edge of our boundary, near Lions Gate Bridge. By building on its natural setting near the Capilano River, its easy access to transit, and its proximity to commercial properties on Marine Drive, we are creating a more vibrant and complete community.

The Village plan in detail

View the Lower Capilano Village Implementation Plan, approved by Council in 2013

Construction, traffic, and access

Bike and pedestrian access during LARCO construction

We have rerouted the bike and pedestrian route to West Vancouver and the Lions Gate Bridge that runs through the LARCO construction area. The route, which previously ran down Belle Isle Place past the park, has been moved west to Glenaire Drive, as shown on this map.

Managing traffic during construction

We are minimizing construction-related traffic impacts by:

  • installing a traffic signal at Curling and Capilano Roads
  • staggering the time of local projects
  • actively managing use of our roadways

We will update this page with specific details of construction activities that may impact traffic as information becomes available, or follow us on Twitter (#lionsgatecentre) for regular updates.

Development applications

Opportunities for public input

February 1, 2018 — Public information meeting for 1920 & 1932 Glenaire Drive

The applicant is hosting a public information meeting, which we require as part of the development permit process. The public information meeting is your chance to learn more about the proposed development, ask questions, and share your thoughts.

Get details of the meeting

Applications currently in process

Address Description Latest activity Date
1801-1865 Glenaire Drive
(View application)
40 townhomes in six separate buildings Public hearing Oct 3, 2017
1920 and 1932 Glenaire Drive
(View application)
15 townhomes in two three-storey buildings Detailed application received Nov 24, 2017
1946-1998 Glenaire Drive
(View application)
23 townhomes in three separate buildings Approved Sep 11, 2017
1951, 1963, 1987 Glenaire Drive
(View application)
37 three-storey townhomes in four separate buildings Preliminary application received Mar 27, 2017
2028-2067 Glenaire Drive
(View application)
164 townhomes in 15 three-storey buildings  Public information meeting April 27, 2017
1950 Sandown Place
(View application)
Fourplex Preliminary application received Aug 26, 2016
1634 and 1748 Capilano Road
(View application)
24-storey condominium building and a 10-storey hotel Application withdrawn Dec 20, 2017
2010 Marine Drive / 1633 Capilano Road (Grouse Inn)
(View application)
263 condominium units in a 19-storey and a 23-storey building Revised detailed application received July 15, 2017
2050-2070 Marine Drive (Travelodge)
(View application)
26-storey residential tower with adjacent townhouses, and one low-rise residential building Early public input opportunity May 27, 2017

Village Centre overview

Main goals of this plan

Building on its proximity to the Lion's Gate Bridge, to frequent transit and commercial services, and to highly valued parks and natural areas, we hope to create a revitalized, pedestrian-oriented heart at the centre of Lions Gate Village.  

Amenities will be concentrated at the Village core, including a community recreation centre, commercial and retail space, a community plaza, a daycare facility, a playground, and access to parks and trails. Surrounding the core will be a variety of housing options, making this neighbourhood appealing to all residents.

Land use

Focus higher density in the Village core, and more ground-oriented uses along the edges of the core, with careful transitions to lower density residential areas.

Housing choices

Provide a range of housing options for people at all stages of life, including affordable and rental units, and family-friendly options.

Transportation network

Recognizing its location on a frequent transit network corridor (Marine Drive and Capilano Road), Lions Gate Village has been identified as one of two frequent transit development areas in the District.

Economic vitality

Retain and renew a portion of the existing hotel units, support the development of local-serving office space and commercial space in the Village's core, create space and facilities to support local small businesses. 

Community facilities, services, and amenities

Create a community heart including a community centre, small-scale retail, daycare facilities, a community plaza, playground, green spaces that connect to parks and trails with connections to pedestrian and cycling networks.

Park and open spaces

Develop new parks, trails and public spaces including playgrounds and plazas, that enhance access to key destinations in the Village core and surrounding neighbourhood, including existing parks and trails.


Support a safe and integrated transportation network that includes all types of transportation, with emphasis on walkability and strong pedestrian connections, support frequent transit service, and enhanced access to Lions Gate Bridge.

Environmental sustainability

Promote green buildings and infrastructure as well as water conservation and energy efficiency, incorporate environmental protection measures and rainwater management best practices, and enhance the urban forest canopy.

Policies, reports, public input

Development guidelines and policies

Plans and studies

Public input

Community members provided valuable input to help shape Lions Gate (Capilano Village) planning and design through a series of public events:

  • May 21, 2015 — Public Realm Guidelines open house: We held an open house to get the public's thoughts on our draft Public Realm Guidelines.
  • May, 2014 — Co-design Session: Full day workshop focusing on the design of the proposed new community street or "Woonerf" road, the "Crossroads," and key public plazas
  • May, 2014 — Open House/Workshop: Peripheral Area Housing Options
  • February, 2014 — Open House: Public Realm Design
  • May, 2013 — Series of Peripheral/Transitional Area Planning meetings
  • March, 2013 — Open House: Key elements of the implementation plan, concept plan, and design framework for the public realm
  • October, 2012 — Open House/Workshop: Display of design concept and public realm interactive display boards, urban design "tour" of the Village precincts
  • April, 2012 — Open House/Workshop: Update on technical analyses, Village Centre Plan directions, table discussions on public realm design, village heart