Gallant Avenue pilot project

We're supporting Deep Cove's local businesses, improving traffic circulation, and promoting the continued safe enjoyment of Deep Cove for both residents and visitors, by piloting an expanded pedestrian and seating area on Gallant Avenue.

The pilot project will start August 12 and run for a few weeks. As part of the pilot, we'd like you to share your perspective on the proposed changes. 

About the pilot project

In addition to the temporary road reallocation measures, we will be trialing one-way traffic in the lower block of Gallant Avenue to help residents and visitors to safely enjoy the area and allow local businesses to serve more customers.

During this time, traffic will be re-routed along Banbury Road and Panorama Drive.

Input we've received so far

Businesses in Deep Cove have indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact day to day operations.

Residents are also concerned about the viability of local businesses and maintaining an appropriate distance from others in and around the village given the current road allocations and traffic.

Share your feedback 

We want to hear from you during the pilot period of this project. Share your thoughts on the changes by filling out the short online form below.

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