Deep Cove parking review

We are conducting a parking review in Deep Cove to better understand current parking conditions and identify effective ways to manage existing public parking supply in the community.

This project builds on previous work in Deep Cove, including the Deep Cove Parking and Access Study, as well as more recent data collected as part of the Gallant Storm Sewer project, the temporary Naughton detour, and Livable Deep Cove. 

Project overview 

Using data and input from the community, we are developing recommendations to improve public parking management and balance the needs of all users, including residents, visitors, and businesses. These recommendations consider priorities identified in the on-street parking policy and will help to achieve fair and consistent public parking management across the District.

Read our on-street parking policy

    Community input

    Thank you for taking our online survey to tell us what you think about the results of the technical assessments and public parking management recommendations.

    Your input will help us to create the most effective recommendations for managing the existing public parking supply in Deep Cove Village.

    The engagement results have been shared with Mayor and Council. Staff will be presenting their recommendations to Council in Fall 2023. 

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