Committee vacancies

We make committee appointments according to the Community Committees of Council policy, which ensures that membership is diverse and broadly reflective of the community with respect to age, gender, cultural background, occupation, and neighbourhood.

Committees currently looking for volunteers

Applications for all committees are accepted throughout the year and kept on file for one year in the case of an opening. However, during certain times of the year, we actively recruit new members for certain committees.

We are currently recruiting specifically for these vacancies:

  • Advisory Committee on Disability Issues
  • Child Care Grants Advisory Committee
  • Community Services Advisory Committee

Would you like to be on a committee?

If you are a resident of North Vancouver District and would like to volunteer to serve on a Committee, you can apply online.

Volunteer to serve on a committee

Or if you prefer to apply in person, you can bring your resume to the Clerk's Office at District Hall. Please include a cover letter that details your background/experience/expertise that is relevant to the committee you are applying to join. 

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