Corporate Plan, 2015-2018

Our Corporate Plan sets strategic directions that move us closer to the shared vision of the community expressed in the Official Community Plan (OCP) over the coming four years. It also helps us fulfill our mission for service and leadership.

To achieve this, the plan translates long-term aspirations into shorter-term objectives and priority actions.

Developed by Council and staff working together, the Corporate Plan not only brings focus to essential work, but also ensures that this work is appropriately funded and resourced through Financial Plan allocations and within divisional work plans.

Download the complete Corporate Plan (PDF; 3.4MB)

Corporate Plan priorities at a glance

To set a course for the coming four years, Council and staff contemplated the community’s vision in the context of external influences, organizational considerations, and a range of current and emerging issues.

Based on experience, and community and staff feedback, 11 strategic issues — structured around three fundamental purposes — have been identified by Council as priorities. The responsibility for addressing these priorities is shared: along with Council, multiple departments will take specific action at various levels.

Purpose: Achieve the community vision of the OCP

1. Manage the impacts of development and change

2. Improve transportation and mobility

3. Systematically monitor progress on community goals

4. Manage outdoor recreation with an integrated approach

5. Focus on OCP objectives related to social well-being, the Maplewood area, and strategies supporting town centres

​Purpose: Provide strong governance and service

6. Sustain financial health and resilience

7. Foster an engaged and nimble public service

8. Ensure strong administrative foundations for continued service excellence

Purpose: Protect and enhance the environment and build resilience

9. Create new and updated strategies to support OCP environmental goals

10. Take action on climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and developing a Climate Change Adaptation Strategy

11. Continue to build community resilience through planning, response, recovery, training, and education 


Roadmap to a sustainable future

Through our Official Community Plan (OCP) policies, we are fulfilling our community's vision of vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Our many social, environmental, and economic plans are helping us implement those policies.

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