2023-2027 Financial Plan

The 2023-2027 Draft Financial Plan (budget) will be presented to Council on February 13, 2023. 

The draft plan contains our proposed operating and capital budget, highlights of our work program, and the proposed tax increase for 2023.

Core services, such as public safety, transportation, parks and recreation, and infrastructure investments are primarily funded by your tax dollars.

The draft budget represents a flexible plan that can be adapted as work progresses, financial information available to us changes and Council priorities are confirmed. We allocate funds to the highest service and infrastructure priorities, and your feedback plays a critical role.

Share your thoughts 

The draft financial plan will be available on this page on February 14.

Between February 14 and March 6, 2023, you can review the draft budget, ask questions, and provide comments.

Here's how you can share your feedback: 

  • Website – Starting February 14, you can provide comments on this page
  • Email – budget@dnv.org
  • Write – Sacha Jones, Section Manager - Financial Planning, 355 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5

We will be accepting comments until March 6, 2023.

Approved Financial Plans from previous years

Date Financial Plan document
2022-2026 Download 
2021-2025 Download
2020-2024 Download
2019-2023 Download
2018-2022 Download

Financial planning and municipal government

All municipalities in BC must have a financial plan (or budget) that is adopted annually, by bylaw, before the annual property tax bylaw is adopted. The financial plan may be amended by bylaw at any time.

The planning period for a financial plan is five (5) years, that period being the year in which the plan is specified to come into force and the following four (4) years.

The financial plan must set out the following for each year of the planning period:

  • proposed expenditures by the municipality
  • proposed funding sources
  • proposed transfers to or between funds

A process of public consultation regarding the proposed financial plan must be undertaken before the plan is adopted.


Roadmap to a sustainable future

Through our Official Community Plan (OCP) policies, we are fulfilling our community's vision of vibrant, sustainable neighbourhoods where everyone is welcomed and valued.

Our many social, environmental, and economic plans are helping us implement those policies.

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