Major Infrastructure Projects Advisory Committee

Are you a community advocate with experience in complex engineering infrastructure projects, project management, or municipal and regional government? We'd like you to join our new eight-person Major Infrastructure Advisory Committee.

The purpose of the volunteer committee is to represent the community's interests and needs by providing feedback and recommendations on major infrastructure projects. 

Your role on the committee

As a member of the committee, you will be required to:

  • understand design and construction options
  • represent community interests, and identify enhancement opportunities
  • provide feedback on mitigation measures intended to reduce community impact, such as traffic, parking, dust, noise, air quality, safety, and aesthetics
  • provide feedback on construction scheduling, with an emphasis on major milestones and alternatives that could reduce community impact
  • provide input on communication strategies and activities

Is this committee a good fit for you?

We are seeking diverse representation from across the District, and would like to build a committee with collective experience in or exposure to:

  • municipal and regional government operations or associated private sector experience (specifically significant projects)
  • managing, monitoring, and reviewing complex major civil engineering projects within the public or private sector
  • anticipating problems and identifying options or opportunities
  • project management
  • public consultation and engagement strategies
  • community representation or advocacy

Additional requirements

If selected, you will be required to be vigilant for real or perceived conflicts of interest, and will be required to sign a statement saying you have read, understood, and will conform to the District’s Code of Ethics.

You will also be expected to attend all quarterly meetings, as well as special meetings, should the need arise.

Learn more

Want to know more about the Major Infrastructure Advisory Committee? Review the Terms of Reference

Committee members

  • Arshad Bastani
  • Chris Hossie
  • Duncan Wyllie
  • Harold Westerman
  • Jussi Jaakkola
  • Lee Gavel
  • Michael Wrinch
  • Steffanie Warriner
  • Tony Valente
  • David Desrochers, Staff Liaison