Street use permit

You need a temporary street use permit if you are going to temporarily obstruct all or a portion of any lane of traffic, parking lane, alley, sidewalk, or boulevard.

Who this permit is for

This permit is primarily for utilities and sub-contractors doing work on infrastructure. Some activities include:

  • construction works by private contractors
  • public utility works, such as service maintenance for Telus, Shaw, BC Hydro, and Fortis BC
  • temporary obstruction, egress, or access to a work site, which may include parking restriction clearance, construction vehicle access, material deliveries
  • household moving trucks
  • boreholes and environmental drilling and testing
  • filming on District roads

How to apply

To get a temporary street use permit, download and submit an application form, along with a traffic management plan, if required.


You pay For
$69 Activities on the road allowance
$125 Activities due to adjacent development

Documents, forms, checklists

Download the application form

Learn how to make and submit a traffic management plan