Affordable and supportive housing

Maintaining a healthy, diverse, and vibrant community by providing more diverse and affordable housing choices for people of different ages, incomes, and family sizes is a key objective of our Official Community Plan. 

Addressing housing diversity and affordability

As a first priority, we are developing Housing Action Plans (HAPs) and Neighbourhood Infill Plans (NIPs).

Through our HAPs, we will develop strategies to address housing diversity and affordability in each of our four key Town and Village Centres, as these are the locations for the majority of future growth in the District.

As a second priority, through both our HAPs and NIPs, we will identify housing opportunities and strategies outside of the network of centres, as appropriate. This may include an assessment of needs and opportunities in areas adjacent to centres or corridors, small lot infill areas, and backyard cottages.

Increasing the spectrum of available housing choices

To encourage the diverse mix of ages and incomes that contribute to community health and vitality, we now permit the construction of coach houses.

Coach houses are compact homes, usually built in the rear yard of a single-family residential lot, that are smaller than the principal dwelling and incorporate sensitive design features that complement and enhance neighbourhood character.

Coach housing benefits a diverse group of residents including seniors looking to downsize, inter-generational and extended families, young couples looking for a starter home, and renters looking for above-ground and liveable detached rental housing.

Interested in building a coach house? Learn how

View the coach house zoning bylaw amendment 

Improving supportive housing choices

To provide access to the full range of housing options in the District, we need emergency, transitional, and supportive housing.

We work with community partners and senior levels of government to support our most disadvantaged residents, by exploring and developing these supportive housing choices, which include:

Work is also underway on a men's support recovery house, and enhanced housing supports for homeless seniors.

Other housing-related work in the community

We continue to work with community partners and governmental agencies to explore opportunities for social, supportive, and emergency housing.

North Shore Homelessness Task Force

We are a key partner in the North Shore Homelessness Task Force. The task force coordinates the annual Homelessness Action Week, is responsible for carrying out the North Shore Homeless Count in partnership with other municipalities in the region every three years, and creates the North Shore Resource Card for the homeless.

Learn more about the task force on their website