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Annual Youth Awards

Do you know an exceptional young person who is working hard to make life better for themselves, their peers, or the community?

Maybe they've overcome personal challenges or obstacles... or maybe they've made a significant achievement in academics, sports, or music... or maybe they're doing volunteer work to help make the District a better place to live, work, or play.

Whatever the accomplishment, let us help you celebrate it with a Youth Award.

Due to COVID-19, we acknowledged and celebrated the 2020 award recipients online along with a video message from Mayor Little. View the recipients of the 2020 Youth Awards.

What is the Youth Awards program, anyway?

The Youth Awards Program recognizes young people in the District (10 to 24) for their significant achievements and contributions to the community.

Each year, we give awards in four categories:

Youth Recognition Award

For young people who have made great personal strides, overcome personal or societal barriers, or demonstrated great skill in music, academics, art, or sports.

Youth Community Enhancement Award

For young volunteers who have made positive contributions to the community by providing at least 75 hours of service on a committee, or by working with a local organization or group.

Outstanding Youth-Friendly Business/Supporter of Youth Award

For a person or business that did an exceptional job in hiring or training youth, providing opportunities to youth, or providing funding, support, or services to young people. 

Outstanding Youth Team Award

Recognizes a group who have completed a minimum of 50 hours per person of community (or school) service to enhance programs or services in their school or community.

How do nominations work?

Anyone can nominate a young person (or a youth-friendly business) for an award. 

Teachers can nominate students, students can nominate their friends, community groups can nominate their volunteers, and so on. The more nominations, the better!

All we ask is that you don't nominate your own children.

How to apply

Each application requires both a primary and secondary nominator. The primary nominator is required to submit two letters: 

  1. Detailed letter of support, explaining why they feel the person or group they are nominated should be recognized for a Youth Award (no longer than two pages)
  2. A short summary describing the nominee and their accomplishments (no longer than 50 words – please see the 2020 Youth Award recipients page for examples)

Nomination Deadline: March 12, 2021

How do we select the recipients?

To be considered for an award, a nominee should:

  • not have received an award in the same category within the last three years
  • either live or do their volunteer service in the District
  • be 10- 24 (business and individual support can be over 24)
  • have 75 hours for the individual youth community service award, and at least 50 hours per youth for the team awards required.

How do we pick the award recipients?

We have an awards committee made up of various District staff from different departments.

The committee selects from the list of nominees each year, and can decide to give more than one award in each category.


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