Municipal community grants

Municipal community grants are intended to support not-for-profit organizations serving North Shore residents.

North Shore municipalities provide these grants in order to assist groups with the delivery of services, which work to reduce social, economic, or physical disadvantages, or improve the quality of life for residents.

When to apply

We are currently accepting grant applications. The deadline to submit your application is January 31.

Who can apply

You can apply for a grant if your organization:

  • is not-for-profit
  • provides services to residents of the municipality you are requesting funding from
  • is looking for sources of funding other than North Shore municipal community grants
  • can provide your latest financial statement as proof of financial responsibility

How to apply

  What to do Who does it What you need
Step 1 Review our grant policies and criteria to make sure you qualify All applicants
Step 2 Review our guidelines for details on the grant and application process All applicants
Step 3 Fill out an organization summary application form All applicants
Step 4 Fill out an operating grant application form Applicants who are applying for operating cost assistance (rent, utilities, fixed expenses)
Step 5 Fill out a program grant application form for each grant you apply for All applicants 
Step 6 Fill out an accountability form Applicants on the second year of the two-year funding cycle
Step 7 Complete the checklist to make sure your application package is complete All applicants

Submitting your completed application 

To submit your application, either email one copy of your completed application package to, or mail it to the Community Services Advisory Committee at District Hall.

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