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Maplewood Fire and Rescue Centre

We are planning a new fire and rescue centre in Maplewood to replace both Firehall #2 in Lynn Creek and the Fire Training Centre on St. Denis Avenue, as well as to house management and administrative staff currently located at Firehall #1 in Lynn Valley.

Combining the fire station, training centre, and administrative functions into one new facility will improve fire response times, create operational efficiencies, and optimize the capital investment required to accommodate these functions over the long term. 

We expect construction to begin in fall 2019, and last for about 18 to 24 months. The new centre should open in fall 2021.

Development application process

May 15, 2019 — Public information meeting

Fire and Rescue Services hosted a public information meeting. A public information meeting is your chance to learn more about a proposal, and share your views.

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December, 2018 — Detailed permit application

Staff received the detailed permit application, and started reviewing it.

Project updates

The project has been in the detailed design phase since June, 2018, and we expect detailed design to be completed in May, 2019.

April 15, 2019 — Update to Council

Fire Chief Hutchinson briefed Council on progress with this project. You can download his presentation or view the video of the Council meeting in the 'Documents and related web content' tab.

April-June, 2018 — Schematic design

April, 2016-January, 2018 — Maplewood Village Centre planning

Public input for this project was requested and considered as part of the Maplewood Village Centre planning and engagement process.

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Background and details

Facility overview

Due to their age, the three facilities that currently house management and administrative staff, training, and Firehall #2 response all have physical, functional, and capacity issues that must be addressed with a new facility.

The new facility will be approximately 39,000 square feet, and occupy approximately four acres of land. It will house: 

  • Firehall #2 — Includes four double apparatus (fire truck) bays, live/work quarters, and support spaces for 7-15 fire fighters
  • Department headquarters — Includes offices, workspaces, and support areas for 19 full- and part-time management and administrative DNV Fire and Rescue Services staff
  • Indoor training facility — For required classroom training, certification, lectures, and support offices, etc
  • Outdoor training area — For live fire training, vehicle operation, hose training, rescue (rope, swift water, vehicle extraction, etc.)

There will be parking facilities for associated fire vehicles, plus approximately 67 spaces for staff and visitors. Access will be from Dollarton Highway.

Site overview

The facility will be located at the site of an overgrown former landfill, chosen to improve response times for Maplewood and the surrounding area.

Living near the new facility

The new centre will be more than 150 metres away from existing residences, and there is a buffer of trees between the centre and homes. 

Noise and other disruptions

During an emergency, vehicles will respond with only lights until they reach a major thoroughfare, at which point they will use their sirens. This will help limit noise as fire trucks pass local homes.

In addition, any noise produced during training exercises will be limited to hours allowed by the District's noise bylaw.

Public safety

During live fire training exercises, some smoke and fire will be created. The smoke will be created using a safe, water-based fog fluid (commonly used on  movie sets), and training fires will be made using clean combustibles only (no plastic, rubber, or synthetics) similar to campfires.

Smoke and fire will only be used under controlled circumstances when conditions are favourable. Environmental and public safety conditions will be carefully considered, and any related smoke and water will be managed in accordance with industry best practices.

Sustainability and environmental protection

We are committed to sustainability, and will ensure that the design of the new facility exceeds our green building policy for corporate buildings, and is guided by high standards for energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, construction practices, and building materials.

A number of environmental studies have been conducted to ensure that development on the site enhances the natural environment, respects the riparian setbacks, and protects or enhances the quality and biodiversity of the wetlands.

Development application requirements

The Official Community Plan (OCP) designates this site as Light Industrial Commercial Mixed Use (LICMU).

The project will require a development permit for:

  • slope hazard
  • creek hazard
  • natural environment
  • streamside protection
  • wildfire hazard
  • energy/water conservation

A development permit application was submitted in December, 2018.


We anticipate that construction will begin in fall 2019, and the facility is planned to be operational by fall 2021.

Site plan, renderings, photos

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Documents and related web content

Council meetings

April 15, 2019 — Presentation to Council

Fire Chief Hutchinson briefed Council on progress with this project.

Public meetings

May 15, 2019 — Public open house

Members of Fire and Rescue and DNV staff help a public open house to provide more information about this proposal and hear from residents.

Maplewood Village Centre

Maplewood Village Centre Plan

Development process and general land use

Development permit areas (DPAs)

Official Community Plan (OCP)

OCP land use map

Other relevant policies

Noise regulation bylaw

Public information meetings - District fire halls and fire training centres

Green building policy - Municipal buildings