Build a coach house

A coach house is a detached compact home, usually built in the rear yard of a single-family residential lot.

Sometimes called a laneway house or carriage home, a coach house can provide you with additional rental income, while increasing the diversity of rental housing choices in single family neighbourhoods.

A coach house can't be sold separately from the main house or placed under strata title.

We're simplifying the coach house process

Coach houses play an important role in meeting our goal of diversifying housing options, and we're considering a number of changes to simplify the coach house application process.

View the status of our progress in the 'News and updates' section below.

Not all single family home sites are suitable for coach house development. Be sure to confirm with us that your property qualifies before you proceed.

Thinking of building a coach house now? Here are the current rules

Find out if your property is eligible for a coach house

Your single family lot must satisfy these general requirements to be eligible to build a coach house:

  • Your lot must be over 929 m2 (10,000 square feet) — or at least 15m (50 feet) wide on a corner lot, or with access to an open lane
  • You cannot have an existing secondary suite, either attached or detached
  • You must be able to provide sufficient useable onsite parking (three spaces are required; two for your principal residence and one for the coach house)
  • The combined size of your principal house and coach house can't exceed the allowed maximum density for your zone 
  • The proposal must meet the Development Permit Area Policy of Schedule B in the OCP

How to proceed

Download our complete Coach House How-To Guide to get complete details, including:

  • help determining if your site is eligible
  • a step by step approach to the application process
  • help figuring out costs
  • detailed design and development criteria
  • important contacts and resources
  • frequently asked questions

Download the coach house how-to guide

Download the coach house inquiry checklist

News and updates

October 7, 2019 — Staff report to Council

Staff will present an updated report to Council with information from the public engagement process and proposed bylaw amendments.

Review the updated report

October 14, 2018 — Community engagement

From September 20 - October 14, 2018 we spoke with residents and other stakeholders about the proposed changes to the District's Coach House Program.

July 9, 2018 — Staff report to Council

Staff presented the report to Council on the current approach to coach houses, with recommendations for proposed changes.

Staff were directed to proceed with public engagement and bring back bylaw amendments to Council for Introduction and First Reading.

Review the report that outlines these changes (starts on page 151)

Proposed changes

Proposed improvements include new or simplified permitting requirements, changes to allowable floor space, revised parking requirements, and more.

Under the proposed changes, some lots would qualify for a more simplified process, while others would continue with the existing process.

  Lot eligibility criteria Process (one-storey coach house)  Process (two-storey coach house)
Proposed new process 
  • open lane access
  • at least 49.2 ft (15m) wide
  • within the urban containment boundary
Building permit
  • Development permit issued by staff
  • Followed by a building permit
Existing process Corner lot at least 50 ft (approx 15m) wide Development Variance Permit (requires council decision) Development Variance Permit (requires council decision)
Existing process At least 10,000 sq ft (929 sq m) with no lane access Development Variance Permit (requires council decision) Development Variance Permit (requires council decision)


Stay informed

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