Deadlines and penalties

Important dates for 2019

Date What's due?
July 2
  • Your property tax payment: Last day to avoid 5% late penalty
  • Your home owner grant application
  • Property tax deferment application
August 1 Tax and Utility Prepayment Plan (PAWS) deductions start
September 3 Last day to pay for 2019 property tax and annual utility payments to avoid second 5% penalty
September 30 Tax sale date

How to avoid paying penalties, interest, or fees

Late tax payments are subject to penalties and interest. To avoid these, be sure that, by the due date, you:

  • Pay your taxes
  • Claim your home owner grant (if eligible)
  • Submit your completed new or renewal tax deferment applications along with your utilities payment to the District office

Types of penalties, interest, and fees

Penalties on unpaid tax and utility balances

If you miss the payment deadline, you will be charged:

  • A 5% penalty — applied to unpaid balances after the first working day in July
  • An additional 5% penalty — applied to unpaid balances after the first working day in September

Fees for returned cheques

Cheques rejected by your financial institution for any reason are considered non-payment of taxes and are subject to applicable penalties and interest charges. In addition, the District will charge an administrative fee for each rejected payment.

Interest charges

Current year property taxes that remain unpaid at December 31 become tax arrears on January 1, and will be charged daily interest until paid.

Delinquent taxes

Any taxes in arrears remaining unpaid on December 31 in the year following the year in which they became taxes in arrears are delinquent on that date, and charged daily interest until paid.

Properties with three years of outstanding taxes are subject to our annual tax sale. Get the details.