Heritage register: conserving our heritage properties

Our heritage register allows us to formally recognize the heritage value and character of certain properties in the District.

Ensuring we have a clear sense of identity and place, and a legacy linking our past, present and future is one of the objectives of our Official Community Plan. Preserving our archaeological, heritage and cultural resources is one of the ways we can achieve that objective.

What are the benefits of having your property on the heritage register?

You may:

  • be eligible for grants to assist you with the maintenance and restoration of your property
  • qualify for special provisions within the BC Building Code Heritage Building Supplement
  • be eligible for conservation incentives, such as an increase in square footage per lot or zoning relaxations
  • be eligible for provincial and federal funding

The heritage register does not

  • prevent you from altering your property in accordance with the existing laws
  • impact your rights as a property owner (the decision to conserve, alter or demolish a property is up to the property owner)

Questions about the register?

If you'd like information on the register, or want find out if your property is included, please get in touch:

Angele Clarke, 604-990-2373 or clarkea@dnv.org

A listing on the heritage register allows us to temporarily withhold demolition, building, or development permits while a heritage inspection is conducted, or while alternative development opportunities are reviewed with the property owner.