E-bike share pilot program

E-bike share pilot program

Lime’s e-bike share system is now up and running in the District. To get started, download the Lime App  to find and rent an e-bike. All trips on a Lime bike must start and end at a dedicated parking location or “Lime Grove.” 

This is a two-year pilot program the supports the Integrated North Shore Transportation Planning Project (INSTPP) and our Community Energy and Emissions Plan (CEEP), which recommends implementing bike share as one measure to help reduce energy emissions.

Share your experience! We want your input to help us understand how the Lime e-bike share system is being used and how it has influenced travel behaviour. Your feedback will help shape future e-bike programs on the North Shore. Take the survey until June 19

What is e-bike share?

E-bike share is a short-term rental program for electric bikes. An e-bike has an integrated electric motor that adds power to your pedalling, making it easier to ride uphill.

Members sign up to rent an e-bike from a fleet available at a variety of public locations. Users can pick a bike up at one location and drop it off at another designated location.

E-bike share systems provide a cost-effective, environmentally-sensitive transportation option. Similar non-electric bike share systems are in place in the City of Vancouver and at the University of British Columbia. The Lime e-bike share system on the North Shore is the first of its kind in the province. Full details about the Lime North Shore system can be found in the Lime app. 

How will the pilot program work?

Lime has been granted a permit to operate an e-bike share system as a two-year pilot program in North Vancouver.

During the pilot period, the City and District will work with Lime to provide guidance and conduct ongoing monitoring and outreach to assess the impacts and success of the program. We will regularly review user data and public feedback, and periodically report on the pilot’s status to Council and the public.

Pilot program background

The City of North Vancouver Council endorsed its E-Bike Share Policy in November of 2020. The District of North Vancouver followed suit in February of 2021, and the District of West Vancouver in June of 2021. 

On May 17, 2021, the City of North Vancouver and District of North Vancouver jointly announced their selection of Lime as the single operator for the E-Bike Share Permit.

Monthly usage  

The data below represents monthly e-bike use for the entire system, including the City of North Vancouver and District of West Vancouver. 

  March 2022 April 2022 May 2022
Total trips  4,875 6,396 5,528
Total unique users  1,849 2,426 2,147
Average daily trips  164 208 232
Average daily users  121 151 166
Average daily fleet size  174 176 183
Average trip duration  12 minutes 11 minutes 11 minutes
Most popular Lime Grove  Chadwick Court (CNV) Chadwick Court (CNV) Chadwick Court (CNV)


Visit Lime’s website to learn more about their e-bike share program. For inquiries about system operation, parking, payments, how to use e-bike share, or to report an issue, please contact Lime directly at support@li.me.

Share your feedback on the pilot project with us at sharedmobility@dnv.org.

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