Lynn Canyon pay parking pilot project

We are piloting a two-year (2021-2022) pay parking program at Lynn Canyon Park. The goal of this pay parking program is to help manage both the demand for parking, and traffic congestion in the park and surrounding neighbourhoods. 

About the pilot project 

Lynn Canyon Park is one of the District's most popular parks, attracting more than one million visitors annually. During the busy summer season, high-volume traffic has led to traffic congestion and overflow parking into adjacent neighbourhoods. 

The Lynn Canyon pay parking pilot project aims to manage vehicle parking demand at the park and surrounding area.

When pay parking is in effect

Pay parking will be in effect seasonally, March through October. 

Rates and time duration

The cost for parking is $3 per hour, with a four-hour maximum. There are pay stations in the parking lot that you can use to purchase your parking.

Pay parking exemptions

Vehicles with a disability decal are exempt from payment.

Annual parking passes for District residents

If you’re a District resident, you are eligible to purchase one $10.20 annual park parking pass per household. Follow these steps to apply:

  1. Scan or photograph your valid driver’s licence and the entire first page of your vehicle registration (both pieces must show your current address)
  2. Email these documents along with your phone number to

We will review your documents and then follow up if we require additional information. Once we have prepared your pass, we will send you a link that you can use to pay your fee online with a credit card. After your payment is processed, we will mail you your park parking pass decal(s). Please ensure that your decal is displayed in the lower driver’s side corner of the vehicle’s windshield.

On-street parking regulations

New on-street parking regulations on residential streets surrounding Lynn Canyon Park will be coordinated with the implementation of the pay parking pilot program to ensure adjacent neighbourhoods are not impacted.

Learn more about residential on-street parking and apply for a permit.

*Please note that residents are eligible to receive visitor passes.

Learn more about this pilot project

Read the staff report to council

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