Audit: District protects taxpayer interests with sound processes and controls

A performance audit report released last week by the Auditor General for Local Government of British Columbia (AGLG) found that the District has strong stewardship over our capital asset management practices and capital procurement processes, protects the interests of taxpayers, and ensures value for money in our activities.

How the audit was conducted

To carry out the audit, AGLG auditors selected two capital projects we undertook during the audit period (2010-2012) and examined our capital planning, procurement controls, processes and practices associated with them. The auditors also reviewed our capital asset management practices during the audit period.

The two sampled projects were:

  • Fire Hall #3 Upgrade project (also known as the Montroyal Fire Hall project)
  • William Griffin Sports Field Artificial Turf Replacement project.

About the audit process

The office of the AGLG’s performance audits are independent, unbiased assessments of local government operations and initiatives, carried out in accordance with professional standards.

Each AGLG audit report is reviewed throughout its development by an outside technical advisor. The report is then subjected to an additional review by an external engagement quality control reviewer. 

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Learn more about the AGLG's findings and recommendations on their website: