Lynn Headwaters access road remains closed to vehicles

In the interest of public safety, we closed the primary road leading to Lynn Headwaters Regional Park and its two parking lots on December 1, 2016.

Vehicles are no longer permitted to use the road. However, it is still open to hikers and cyclists.

Why we closed the road

The access road, which cuts through steep slopes, is deteriorating and at risk of landslide (though there are no homes below the section that is most at risk).

Regular maintenance is no longer enough to keep the road safe. Major mitigation work will be necessary to stabilize the slope below the road.

Parking and access while the road is closed

We have implemented time-restricted parking on the local streets around the park. If you wish to drive to the park, parking is available at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. 

Developing a plan for reopening the road

Working with Metro Vancouver — who own and manage the park — we are investigating options for repairing and reopening the road.

The road will remain closed until a long-term plan to repair it has been identified and implemented.

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