More improvements for Highway 1 revealed with announcement of additional funding

Today, Mayor Walton joined representatives from the provincial and federal governments to announce an additional $60 million in joint funding for the Highway 1 Lower Lynn Corridor improvement project.

The additional funding will be used for a new, fourth phase of the project, which will include:

  • a westbound collector-distributor system from Mount Seymour Parkway to Mountain Highway
  • two new two-lane bridges on either side of the existing Lynn Creek bridge
  • an eastbound on-ramp from Mountain Highway onto Highway 1

This brings the total funding for this project, which will help reduce congestion and improve safety through the area, to $198 million.

“For many years the District has been pressing for improvements to the highway system between Lynn Valley and Main Street. Our primary objective has been to facilitate east-west mobility across the lower levels of the North Shore. We are very pleased that an agreement has been reached to commence this work and separate to a larger degree local and highway traffic. We will continue to work with other levels of government to examine additional opportunities to improve access to, from, and across the North Shore.” – Mayor Walton

Work on the first phase of the project – the new Mountain Highway overpass – is now underway, and the entire project will be completed in early 2021.

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