Community Heritage Awards

Image of a heritage home in the DistrictThe Annual Community Heritage Commission Awards program, coordinated by the Community Heritage Commission and awarded by the District Council, recognizes accomplishments in the field of heritage conservation.

Awards are given in recognition of the efforts of individuals and groups involved in promoting heritage within the District, in these categories:

  • Restoration of residential and commercial structures
  • Heritage advocacy
  • Heritage landscape preservation enhancement
  • Compatible new design in a heritage context
  • Awards of merit

2016 award winners

Heritage advocacy

Daniel Francis, author of "Where Mountains Meet the Sea"

Maintenance and renovations of a heritage register home

  • Molly and Jonathon Lawlor, 138 East Windsor Road
  • Angelo and Tracy Romano, 3051 Fromme Road

Maintenance and renovations of a heritage home

  • Karen Ungerson, 190 East Kings Road
  • Catherine Wyse, 281 East Windsor Road

Photos of 2016 award winners


Previous winners (2011-2015)

2015 Award winners

Heritage advocacy

  • Donna Sacuta — Blair Rifle Range Historical Research
  • North Shore Museum and Archives — Exhibit: Walter Draycott and the Great War
  • Dave Obee — Book: "Fifty! With a Fabulous Future: A History of the District of North Vancouver Public Library"
  • Squamish Nation Education, Squamish Language Elders, and Dr. Peter Jacobs — Squamish-English Dictionary

2014 award winners

Heritage advocacy

Deep Cove Heritage Society

Maintenance and renovations to a Heritage Register residential structure

  • Bluhouse Market and Café — 4342 Gallant Avenue
  • Jennifer McCarthy and Farhad Khan
  • Jessica and Jon Reedy — 494 East Windsor Road

2013 award winners

Heritage advocacy

  • Len Corban, author of the recently published book "A Century PLUS of North Shore Sports Stories"
  • Selwyn Pullan, photographer of Modern Heritage on the North Shore
  • A.L. (Dick) Lazenby — for North Shore Archival Research

Maintenance and renovations to a Heritage Register residential structure

  • Susan McKilligan — 2576 Edgemont Boulevard
  • Synthesis Design (Ken Best, Architect)
  • Otto and Sheila Wetzlmayr — 606 East Windsor Road

Maintenance and renovations to a Heritage residential structure

  • Marianne Goco and Christopher Ramsay — 850 Hendry Avenue

2012 award winners

Heritage advocacy

  • Eve Lazarus — for contributions to heritage preservation on the North Shore
  • Kristen Schulz for her award-winning video "The Heritage of My Home"
  • Janet Pavlik, Des Smith, and Eileen Smith, authors of "Echoes Across Seymour"
  • North Vancouver Museum and Archives — "Preservation of Mountaineering History and Lore" project

Maintenance and restoration of a Heritage Register residential structure

  • David Pike and Gillian Welsh — 740 East 9th Street
  • Robert Dale — Contractor

Maintenance and restoration of a heritage residential structure

  • Cathy and Victor Groot — 3647 Sunnycrest Drive

2011 award winners

Maintenance and restoration of a designated heritage residential structure

  • Jordan Levine and Justine Blicq — "Christie House" 267 West Queens Road