Community Heritage Awards

The Annual Community Heritage Awards program, coordinated by the Community Heritage Advisory Committee and awarded by District Council, recognizes accomplishments in the field of heritage conservation.

Awards are given in recognition of the efforts of individuals and groups involved in promoting heritage within the District, in these categories:

  • Maintenance and restoration of residential/commercial/public use structures
  • Heritage advocacy
  • Heritage landscape preservation and enhancement
  • Compatible new design in a heritage context

Nominations for 2020 awards are open until January 1, 2021.

Guidelines for nominations

  • Nominees should be working to extend the life of the heritage structure (such as exterior painting, a sympathetic addition, or a new roof), rather than doing general upkeep (cleaning gutters, washing windows, weeding gardens, and so on)
  • Work should generally follow best practices in heritage restoration or preservation (i.e. Parks Canada Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada)
  • Work must be done with the appropriate permits
  • Nominees in the advocacy category should have a significant body of work focussed on sharing knowledge and increasing awareness, understanding, and preservation of local heritage
  • Past award recipients may be considered again, if they are nominated for work that is different than previously awarded
  • Nominees cannot be District staff for work done in their capacity as District staff
  • Nominees must be in good standing with the District of North Vancouver

Nominations for 2020 awards are open until January 1, 2021. Complete this form to submit your nomination.

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Preserving our heritage

Ensuring we have a clear sense of identity and place — and a legacy that links our past, present, and future — is one of the objectives of our Official Community Plan.

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