Popular Permits & Licenses
Lawn sprinkling permit

You can apply for a lawn sprinkling permit to water your lawn during summer restrictions if you meet certain conditions.

Building permit

You will need to apply for a building permit if you want to build a new house, garage, or carport.

Temporary bus access permits

A permit is required if you want to bring a large bus (24 seats or more) to Deep Cove or Lynn Canyon's west parking lot.

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Apply for a building permit (commercial building)

You need a commercial building permit for any new building, addition, change of use, or alteration other than a single family house. Get the rules for applying.

Aquatic permit

You need an aquatic permit to do any work within a stream corridor, waterfront, or in a wetland. This includes removing vegetation.

Backyard chicken (hen) permit

Anyone living in a single family residential (RS) zone can keep from two to six hens, but you need a permit. Learn more and apply.

Blasting permit

You need a blasting permit if you want to blast any rock on any private or District property. 

Building permit: Single family home

You will need to apply for a building permit if you want to build a new house, garage, or carport; alter an existing house or build an addition; create a secondary suite; demolish a house.

Building zone permit

You need a temporary building zone permit to reserve a portion of the roadway next to a new development, demolition, or renovation in order to place a site office, container, or storage.

Business licences

Learn the rules and requirements for business licences in the District, including B&Bs, home based businesses, and childcare centres, and apply for a licence.

Container on street permit

If you cannot place your construction waste disposal bins or storage containers on private property, you need a permit to place them on a District road. 

Creek Hazard Development Permit Area (DPA)

If your property is within a Creek Hazard DPA, you may need a permit to build or develop the land. View the map for this DPA, and review the requirements.

Detailed development permit application

ADP - Submission Checklist [August 2018)We require development permits in order to protect our environment and maintain the form and character of our communities. Find out the steps to applying.