Our Official Community Plan (OCP)

The Official Community Plan (OCP) sets the direction for future growth and change in the District through 2030, as guided by the community's vision.

As a broad policy framework, the OCP guides planning and decision making about the future of our community, and works together with more detailed strategic action and implementation plans, such as corporate and financial plans, our Centres Implementation Plans, the Transportation Plan, the Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan, and others.

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The community's vision for the future

The OCP was developed through a two-year-long community engagement initiative called Identity DNV 2030.

During this initiative, we held over 75 open houses, public and stakeholder workshops, coffee shop talks, town hall meetings, and telephone, online, and event surveys. In all, over 5,000 people shared their ideas and vision for the future of our community.

Monitoring our progress

Monitoring and reporting on the implementation of a comprehensive OCP like ours are important steps in understanding how change is being managed in the District in accordance with the long range vision set out in the plan.

April 2017 — Implementation review analysis and summary

In April 2017, we presented to Council detailed analysis and a summary of our review of the progress we have made between 2011 and 2016 in implementing the OCP.

February 2016 — Preliminary framework for monitoring our progress

In February 2016, we presented to Council a preliminary framework for monitoring our progress as we implement the community vision laid out in the plan. This framework was developed with input and recommendations from the OCP Implementation Committee, and includes clear targets, along with primary and community indicators.

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