Electric heat pump rebates

Did you know an electric heat pump can lower your energy use, reduce your carbon footprint, and improve your indoor air quality? For a limited time, you could receive up to $13,000 in rebates when you install one in your home. 

How the rebates work

You could receive up to $8,000 to switch from fossil fuel heating to a heat pump, including a $2,000 top-up rebate from the District. This can also be combined with rebates available through the Canada Greener Homes Program. Learn more about Jump On A New Heat Pump.

How to apply for your rebates

Review the eligibility requirements and submit your application

Contact a Free Energy Coach at 1-844-881-9790 or ask@bcenergycoach.ca to speak with someone about rebates and support with your application.

Additional support

Additional rebates and support may be available, including the CleanBC Better Homes Low-Interest Financing Program, which provides loans with interest rates as low as 0% for switching from a fossil fuel heating system to a heat pump.

A closer look at heat pumps

A heat pump is a system for heating and cooling that moves heat from the outside air into your home. 

An electric heat pump provides winter warmth and summer cooling while increasing the comfort and air quality in your home. It is a high efficiency system that can reduce your energy use by between one third and one half (compared to electric baseboard heat or a gas furnace).

Because it uses electricity rather than fossil fuels, a heat pump can also reduce your carbon footprint by an amount equivalent to leaving your car at home for nine months of the year.

Other ways you can reduce your carbon footprint

Over 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the District come from heating buildings, and so switching to a low carbon electric heat pump can help us meet our climate action targets.

You can find additional rebates and tips for reducing your greenhouse gas emissions in your home by visiting the CleanBC Better Homes website


Taking action against climate change

We are taking a number of actions to help us reduce energy use and climate emissions in the District, and promote overall community health and liveability. Review these key programs for details.

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