Heating permit

You need a heating permit to install or alter forced air heating or hydronic heating systems.

Who can apply

The person doing the work – either the registered homeowner or a licensed contractor – can apply for the permit, unless the home has a secondary suite.

In homes with secondary suites, only a licensed contractor can apply for a permit.

How to apply

Are you the registered homeowner?

When you apply, you must submit:

  • a completed application form
  • a heating appliance selection worksheet

Are you the contractor?

You must:


Fees are calculated based on BTUs. Refer to the fees and charges bylaw for details.

Get complete details in the fees and charges bylaw

Documents, forms, checklists

Get your work inspected

Much of the work you do with permits requires a follow-up inspection. It is your responsibility (or your contractor's) to arrange for all inspections at the right time.

You can request your building and mechanical inspections online (with the exception of electrical).