Plans for the new TransLink B-Line route through the District now complete

We have been working closely with TransLink to finalize the new B-Line rapid bus service route that will run along Marine Drive and Main Street across the North Shore.

In the District, the final plans call for two lanes of regular traffic in both directions to be maintained. Once the new route is operating (later in 2019), we will monitor it, and make any adjustments necessary to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Here are the final designs for the portion that runs through the District:

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Westbound: Garden Avenue to Phillip Avenue

This portion of the route runs westbound along Marine Drive. Key changes in this section include:

  • an extension of the existing westbound transit lane dedicated to buses, bicycles, and vehicles turning right
  • no left turn restrictions
This graphic shows the block of Marine Drive between Bowser Avenue and Tatlow Avenue. All blocks of Marine Drive in this section of the route will be configured this way.

Eastbound: Lynn Avenue to Phibbs Exchange

This portion of the route runs eastbound along Main Street. Key changes in this section include:

  • minor curbwork on south side to enable a new eastbound transit lane
  • two eastbound and two westbound lanes maintained for all traffic
  • all existing right turn and left turn lanes maintained
  • bike lane maintained
  • new intersection to access Phibbs Exchange
This graphic shows the route eastbound on Main Street, with two lanes of regular traffic maintained

Benefits of the new B-Line

In 2019, TransLink plans to introduce four new rapid-service B-Line routes to Metro Vancouver as part of Phase One of the Mayors’ Council 10-Year Vision.

A B-Line provides improved travel time and reliability by removing buses from regular traffic. B-Line buses will run at least every 15 minutes (every 8 minutes in peak periods) throughout the day, every day of the week. Features include:

  • stops spaced approximately 800m to 1km apart
  • streets designed to make buses faster
  • high-capacity articulated buses
  • displays at bus stops with real-time bus arrival information

Visit TransLink's website to learn more about the Marine-Main B-Line