Lynn Valley Town Centre

Our vision for Lynn Valley Town Centre is a well-designed pedestrian, biking, and transit-oriented mixed use centre in the heart of Lynn Valley that celebrates its natural and cultural setting and strong sense of community.

Building on the existing strong commercial core and civic uses, we are creating a more vibrant and complete community through a mix of new residential, commercial, and employment uses, park and community space, and green building design and infrastructure.

Lynn Valley is also designated as the District's Municipal Town Centre.

News and highlights


February 15, 2017 — Early public input opportunity for Emery Village

The applicant is hosting a public meeting as an opportunity for area residents to ask questions and share their thoughts.

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November 24, 2016 — Development application for 1200-1250 Emery Place (Emery Village)

We  have received a preliminary application to build 413 units on this site. Staff are currently reviewing the application.

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November 9, 2015 — Development permit issued for 1241-1289 E. 27th St. (Mountain Court)

Council voted to adopt the new bylaw and issue a phase 1 development permit.

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August 16, 2016 — Application for 1241-1289 E. 27th St (Mountain Court) Phase 2

We have received the development permit application for Phase 2 of this project (west side of Library Lane). The permit will be brought to Council for consideration.

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July 6, 2015 — 2nd and 3rd reading for 1241-1289 E. 27th St. (Mountain Court)

The bylaws received 2nd and 3rd reading at our regular Council meeting.

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June 16, 2015 — Public hearing held for 1241-1289 E. 27th St. (Mountain Court)

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June 15, 2015 — Council issued development permit for 1175 Lynn Valley Road 

Council has issued the development permit for this project and construction is expected to begin late in 2015. Lynn Valley Town Centre site (including the old District Library site) at 1175 Lynn Valley Road and 1280 East 27th Street.

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June 1, 2015 — Public realm design guidelines approved

Council approved the design guidelines for the Lynn Valley Town Centre. A copy of the final guidelines is available in the "documents" tab.

January, 2015 —  Public realm design guidelines

We held a series of open houses on January 25 and 29 to present and gather input on the draft design guidelines for the town centre's public spaces — including streets, sidewalks, plazas, parks, and greenways — and for form and character, including building material and design, landscaping, and lighting. We collected feedback from residents both at the event and in an online questionnaire.

Town centre overview

Main goals of the plan

Building on the quality design, liveliness, and sense of place initiated by the new Lynn Valley library and civic plaza, there is an opportunity to revitalize the Town Centre.

We hope to create a more vibrant, pedestrian oriented, mixed use centre with housing choices and inviting street level shopping along a High Street with sidewalk cafes and community spaces.

Redevelopment of the Town Centre will also provide an opportunity to increase the diversity of housing choices in an area close to services, shops, jobs and transit.

Land use

Establish mixed use, higher density land uses in the core of the Town Centre, providing residents with easy walking to shops, community services and cultural events, public transit, and employment.


Provide a mix of multifamily housing choices and forms for people at all stages of life, while encouraging more affordable and rental opportunities, and more choices for families with children.

Economic vitality

Support the development of office, service, and commercial spaces for the next 20 years to meet community needs and grow employment opportunities. Encourage the development of small commercial spaces to support local business, and balance the larger format retails spaces, to provide active and engaging storefronts. 

Community facilities, services, and amenities

Develop a community amenity strategy to deliver public benefits that includes multi-purpose community and daycare space, affordable and rental housing, public art, and open space, parks and trails. 

Park and open spaces

Create new park and greenway connections, establish strong pedestrian corridors, design new urban spaces to encourage activity and vibrancy, and protect natural parkland and ecosystems.

Transportation network

Support a safe and integrated transportation network that includes all types of transportation, with emphasis on walkability and strong pedestrian connections, support frequent transit service, and connect the town centre to outside destinations.

Environmental sustainability

Integrate the natural environment with native landscaping, promote green building and water conservation practices, and encourage community gardens.

Development applications being considered

Address Project name Developer Application details
1175 Lynn Valley Road and 1280 East 27th St The Residences at Lynn Valley Bosa View details
1241-1289 East 27th Street Mountain Court Polygon View details
1324-1335 Draycott Road Walter’s Place GBL Architects/Milori Homes (Draycott) ltd View details
1200-1250 Emery Place Emery Village Mosaic View details

Documents: Policies, reports, public input

Development guidelines and policies

Plans and studies

Council decisions

Public input

  • January 25 & 29, 2015 —   Open houses to present and gather input on the draft design guidelines for the town centre's public spaces 
  • May, 2014 — Series of open houses to gather input on the Draft Public Realm and Design Guidelines 
  • September, 2013 — Update and potential implementation planning direction 
  • June-July, 2013 — Explore of building form, height, character, and amenities for the Lynn Valley Town Centre
  • 2010-2011 — Development of draft elements of the implementation plan