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103-113 Charles Street

Vincent Donegan & Associates Ltd has applied to add a new warehouse to the two existing light industrial buildings on this site

1044 Edgewood Road (Handsworth Secondary School replacement)

Council voted to issue the development permit for this project on May 27, 2019.​ The project is a new 13,112 sq m (141,130 sq ft), three-storey school with 120 parking stalls and 98 bike stalls (84 non-secure and 14 secure). ​

1080 Marine Drive

Staburn 1080 Marine Limited Partnership has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 32 owned apartments and 640 sq m (6,896 sq ft) of commercial space in a four-story building with 76 parking spaces (62 for residents, 14 for retail customers).

1149-1155 Lynn Valley Road

Allaire Headwater (Lynn Valley) Residences has applied to redevelop this property. ​The application as submitted proposes 36 owned apartments in a four-storey building, with 57 parking spaces in an underground parkade.

1199 Lynn Valley Road (Lynn Valley Centre mall)

Chris Dikeakos Architecture has applied for a development permit in order to renovate the Lynn Valley Centre mall's exterior to reflect the 'mountain village' feel identified in the Lynn Valley Town Centre Plan, and add new amenities, including a plaza with public art and performance space.

1200-1250 Emery Place (Emery Village)

Council voted to approve the development permit for phases 1 and 2 of this project on September 24, 2018. These phases include one six-storey building, two twelve-storey buildings, and one eight-storey building.

1209 McKeen Avenue - Fibreco

Council voted to approve this development permit for this project on February 19, 2018.​ The project includes replacing two large woodchip piles on the property with 56 silos, to be used to store and transport agriculture products, such as grain.

1210-1260 West 16th Street

Cornerstone Architecture has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 31 owned apartments in a four-storey building, 31 market rental apartments in a four-storey building, and 86 parking spaces in an underground parkade

1235 Marine Drive

Proscenium Architecture and Interiors Inc has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 39 owned apartments and 630 sq m (6,772 sq ft) of commercial space in a four-storey building with 62 parking spaces.

1310 Monashee Drive

Darwin Properties has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes two six-storey buildings with 346 market rental apartments, 516 sq m (5,564 sq ft) of commercial space proposed for food services, 351 sq m (3,778 sq ft) of artist space, 190 car parking spaces (168 in an underground parkade) and 692 bicycle parking spaces.  


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