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1031-1045 Ridgewood Drive

Ridgewood Drive Developments LP (a subsidiary of Wesgroup Properties) has applied to develop 32 owned townhomes in five three-storey buildings with parking for 64 vehicles in an underground parkade (56 for residents and eight for visitors), plus 83 bicycle storage spaces.

1044 Edgewood Road (Handsworth Secondary School replacement)

Council voted to issue the development permit for this project on May 27, 2019.​ The project is a new 13,112 sq m (141,130 sq ft), three-storey school with 120 parking stalls and 98 bike stalls (84 non-secure and 14 secure). ​

1080 Marine Drive

Staburn 1080 Marine Limited Partnership has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 35 owned apartments and 640 sq m (6,896 sq ft) of commercial space in a four-story building with 76 parking spaces (62 for residents, 14 for retail customers).

1149-1155 Lynn Valley Road

Allaire Headwater (Lynn Valley) Residences has applied to redevelop this property. ​The application as submitted proposes 36 owned apartments in a four-storey building, with 57 parking spaces in an underground parkade.

1170 E 27th Street

IBI Group has applied to develop a mixed-use development consisting of four residential buildings ranging in height from 9 to 12 storeys. The four buildings are connected by a podium which is six-storeys in height on the E 27th Street frontage and one-storey in height on the remaining frontages. The proposal includes 479 residential units, a replacement supermarket (4,051 sq m / 43,604 sq ft), additional commercial space (171 sq m / 1,840 sq ft), civic space (1,245 sq m / 13,400 sq ft), and parking for 661 vehicles in three levels of underground parking with access from the north.

1177 Lynn Valley Road

Chris Dikeakos Architects Inc. has applied on behalf of Bosa Development to develop 98 rental apartments and approximately 1,115 sq m (12,000 sq ft) of commercial space in a six-storey building with parking for 108 vehicles in an underground parkade (74 for residents; 34 shared visitor-retail) plus 195 bicycle storage spaces.

1210-1260 West 16th Street

Cornerstone Architecture has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 31 owned apartments in a four-storey building, 31 market rental apartments in a four-storey building, and 79 parking spaces.

1235 Marine Drive

Natcon Construction Services has applied to has applied to redevelop this site. The application as submitted proposes 39 owned apartments and seven commercial retail units in a four-storey building with 65 parking spaces.

1310 Monashee Drive

Darwin Properties has applied to deveop two six-storey buildings with 315 rental units targeted at students and employees of Capilano University plus approximately 796 sq m (8,570 sq ft) of commercial space, amenity spaces, and 210 car and 578 bicycle parking spaces in a one-level underground parking garage.

1406 Pemberton Avenue

MGBA has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 797 sq m (8,579 sq ft) of commercial space and 365.5 sq m (3,934 sq ft) of industrial space in a four storey building with 20 parking spaces.


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