District Council meetings move to hybrid format

District Council meetings will now be held in a hybrid format with a combination of in-person and electronic participation by some or all Council members, staff and the public. 

The public is invited to attend the Council Chamber, where they will be able to see and hear the entire proceedings. 

Due to a public health order, face masks must be worn at all times when attending meetings and attendance in the Council Chamber will be limited to 48. Registered in-person public input speakers will have a reserved seat while observers beyond the maximum capacity will be directed to observe the meeting online.

Sharing your thoughts 

Public input on agenda items, both in-person and virtually, will be facilitated by signing up before 3pm on the meeting day by contacting the Municipal Clerk at signup@dnv.org. The Municipal Clerk will then contact speakers with instructions on participating either virtually or in person.

If time permits, the Mayor will ask for any additional speakers from the virtual and in-person galleries. There will be no in-person signup of public input speakers.

Watch online

The public may also view meetings online or by phone by dialing 1-778-907-2071 and entering webinar ID 653 4532 1120.