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Advisory Design Panel (ADP)

Advises Council and staff on applications for development, including the site layout, exterior design of proposed buildings, landscaping, and environmental quality.

Advisory Oversight Committee

Recommends appointments to community advisory groups, reviews the terms of reference for Community Committees of Council, and creates standardized terms of reference for new advisory committees.

Board of Variance

Considers minor variances in siting, dimensions, or size requirements (side yard, back, front, height and area coverage) where compliance with the District Zoning Bylaw would cause hardship.

Child Care Grants Committee

The Child Care Grants Committee make recommendations to District staff on municipal childcare grants.

Climate Action Advisory Committee

2022 May 16 MINUTES FINAL APPROVEDProvides advice, community perspective, and support towards advancing policies and actions to achieve our climate action targets, protect and enhance biodiversity and ecosystem health, and ensure the District is resilient to future climate change impacts

Community Advisory Panel (Chemtrade Logistics, ERCO Worldwide, GFL Environmental, and Univar Solutions)

The Community Advisory Panel (CAP) provides a forum for the open and mutual exchange of ideas and concerns between the companies and local communities in Maplewood and surrounding areas.

Community Heritage Advisory Committee

Advises on heritage conservation matters, and undertakes and provides support for activities that benefit and provide for the advancement of heritage conservation in the District.

Community Services Advisory Committee

The Community Services Advisory Committee advises staff on social and cultural concerns that affect the quality of life in the District, and may make recommendations regarding the planning and development of social programs to meet community needs.

Finance and Audit Standing Committee

The Finance and Audit Standing Committee provides financial oversight on behalf of Council. Get meeting minutes and agendas, find members, and review their terms of reference.

Major Infrastructure Projects Advisory Committee

The purpose of the volunteer committee is to represent the community's interests and needs by providing feedback and recommendations on major infrastructure projects. 


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