Belle Isle Park

Rendering of the preferred concept for Belle Isle Park
The preferred concept design for a new Belle Isle Park

Belle Isle Park is being transformed into a key neighbourhood park within the emerging Lions Gate Village.

As the development of Lions Gate Village is now underway, we plan to expand the park, reduce its paved surfaces — which are underused — and connect it to the network of green and open spaces that will run through the Village. 

Currently 1,500 sq m, the new park will be expanded to about 5,700 sq m.

Current park status

December 10, 2018 — Old park closing for approximately two years

Construction will soon begin on a number of new townhouse complexes that will surround Belle Isle Park. Here are changes you can expect in early 2019, as a result of this construction.

  • Park closure — While home construction is taking place, the current park will be closed to residents and used as construction parking, in order to maintain on-street parking for local residents
  • New pedestrian pathway — Prior to the park closing, a new pedestrian pathway will be constructed along Glenaire Drive to provide an alternative to pedestrians who currently use the Belle Isle Place cul-de-sac connecting to Curling Road
  • Tree work — Several trees within the park will need to be removed due to their condition, and those that remain will be fenced off to protect them while the park is closed

Once townhouse construction is complete, construction of the new, larger Belle Isle Park can begin. The new park will include a number of new trees to replace those that are removed.

Details of the new park

Preferred design concept (report)

The Belle Isle Park final report details the preferred design concept for the new park, and summarizes the process we followed to develop the concept, including consultation with key stakeholders and residents.

Download the Belle Isle Park final report (PDF; 39.8MB)

Goals and features of the new design

Features of the new park

We are exploring a number of possible features for the new park, including:

  • a variety of seating opportunities and types
  • trail connections to the surrounding Lions Gate Village and riverfront regional trails
  • open, flexible space for informal play, picnicking, relaxing
  • a hard surface multi-sport court
  • swings, climbing structures and other structured play features (possibly integrated with a future daycare)
  • a small (500-600 sq. m) fenced "urban" dog park

Design character

A revitalised Belle Isle Park will include high quality materials — such as site furniture and paving materials  — and design details that are consistent with the Lions Gate Village Design Guidelines.

To achieve the vision for the park set out in the guidelines, we will include:

  • large open areas framed by deciduous and evergreen trees for sunlight exposure
  • berms and other small changes in topography to create visual interest
  • informal groupings of trees to frame and protect the park from the street
  • a continuation of the water theme expressed in the design guidelines

A phased approach 

Because some single family homes around the park will remain for the foreseeable future, and development applications are in process for adjacent properties that border the park, we will take a phased approach to the redevelopment of Belle Isle Park. This will allow existing residents to access their properties on an interim basis.

Background: How we planned the new park

Working with the public

January 21 to February 12, 2016 — Online questionnaire

Residents were asked to share their thoughts on the Belle Isle Park concepts, and add any additional ideas they had. The questionnaire included all of the display materials we presented at the public open house on January 21, 2016.

Review the design materials presented at this open house

January 21, 2016 — Public open house

We held a public open house where we unveiled our preliminary design concepts for the new, bigger park. District staff were on hand to answer questions, and gather feedback. This was an opportunity for everyone to help shape the new park. 

Get open house details

District plans and guidelines that influenced our designs

The Lions Gate Village Implementation Plan and the Lions Gate Village Public Realm Guidelines both guide development of this new centre, ensuring it is a vibrant, pedestrian-oriented neighbourhood.

Our Official Community Plan (OCP) sets the direction for future growth and change District-wide through 2030.

Our Parks and Open Space Strategic Plan guides the development, maintenance, and renewal of our valued parkland and recreational areas across the District.

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