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1510-1530 Crown Street and 420, 440 & 460 Mountain Highway

IBI Group Architects has applied to develop this site. The application as submitted proposes a total of 420 homes (205 owned, 170 market rental, and 45 non-market rental) plus approximately 2,305 sq m (24,816 sq ft) of commercial space (including a private childcare space), all in a mix of buildings ranging from 7 to 24 storeys.

1541-1557 Bond Street

Pure Living Bond Street GP Ltd has applied to develop 59 market rental apartments and six non-market rental apartments in a six-storey building with parking for 28 vehicles in an underground parkade.

1553-1595 Hunter St and 489 Marie Place

Engage Architecture Inc has applied to deveop 80 owned apartments in a seven-storey building and 92 market rental apartments in a six-storey building, plus parking for 119 vehicles in an underground parkade.

1565-1589 Rupert Street

Salehi Architect Inc has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 95 rental apartments (19 below market) in a six-storey building with 69 parking spaces (59 for residents, 10 for visitors).

1634-1748 Capilano Road

Chard Development Ltd has applied to develop one 12-storey hotel building with 140 hotel rooms and five rental townhomes, and one 24-storey mixed use building with a nine-storey podium, containing 177 owned apartments, 72 market rental apartments, 20 rent-to-own apartments, six non-market rental apartments.

1883 and 1901 Glenaire Drive

Rodcon Holdings has applied to redevelop this build 11 three-storey townhouses, each with a surface level garage for two vehicles, all accessed by a shared driveway from Glenaire Drive.

1900, 1903, 1950 Sandown Place

Matthew Cheng Architect Inc has applied to build 24 stacked townhomes (22 owned and two rentals) in two three-storey buildings, plus parking for 41 vehicles in an underground parkade.

1915, 1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1979 & 1987 Glenaire Drive / 1974, 1982 & 1990 Belle Isle Place

Integra Architecture has applied to develop 112 owned stacked townhomes (including six lock-off suites) in ten three-storey buildings with a total of 179 parking spaces and 217 bicycle parking spaces.

1920 and 1932 Glenaire Drive

PC Urban has applied to redevelop this property. The application as submitted proposes 15 owned townhomes in two three-storey buildings with 28 parking spaces in an underground parkade.

1995 W 1st Street (Vancouver Wharves Terminal Diesel Handling Facility)

Council voted to approve this development permit on July 9, 2018.​ The project includes build two additional diesel storage tanks (approximately 20 metres high) and 12 new railcar unloading positions on this property.


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